About Us

The service connoisseurs in all aspects of Bulk Mail, Fulfillment & Process Packaging.

A promise that’s evident from your very first job with FillPak.

Too often than not we find promises are made and not kept in any business and this is a pain that many large & small business owners face within the Mailing industry. We’ve learnt that clients dealing with Mailing and Fulfilment houses predominantly face the following 4 challenges when it comes to being serviced properly:

  • Flexibility on production times & stock delivery
  • Being able to produce campaigns within specified (often tight) timelines
  • Lack of communication from the mail house when aspects of the job don’t go as planned
  • Accuracy and attention to detail no matter how big or small the job may be

To combat these ongoing industry issues, FillPak has put the right platforms and systems in place to ensure you have 100% assurance & confidence with every job we do.

With our combined 18 years industry experience, we’ve opened our offices and hired the best experts in the field; highly skilled operators & personnel who are obvious leaders in what they do. We offer extended trading hours to facilitate with stock delivery and getting the job done right, and deliver high-end satisfying results on every job, communicating with you every part of the way. Our personalised customer service is second to none, and as a result of that assurance, confidence and credibility is what our clients love about working with FillPak.

Client integrity is deeply ground into our company’s culture & vision, and our dedication to the business ensures FillPak is always on the game and consistently producing excellence; We keep our promises every time, ensuring the success of your DM campaigns and your business. That’s the difference between FillPak and the next supplier.